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or over a decade, Natural Wireless has been providing fast and reliable high speed Internet access to businesses and enterprise customers, residential complexes, hotels, medical centers, commercial buildings, construction sites, and all businesses searching for an alternative to archaic copper and cable infrastructure. Since Natural Wireless owns and operates its network, customers are assured a highly reliable connection with outstanding performance and uptime.

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Standard Features Include:

  • Symmetrical burstable broadband from 5 / 5 Mbps to 1 / 1 Gbps
  • Ultra-Low Latency Guaranteed
  • Static IP Addresses Standard
  • 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Installed and online within five business days
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly levels of service

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*Latency is how long it takes data to travel between its source and destination, measured in milliseconds.


Natural Wireless delivers high speed dedicated Internet access and Voice (VoIP) services to business and enterprise customers.


Natural Wireless provides a wide variety of customized event services, including a full suite of temporary Internet connectivity.

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Enhance your commercial buildings with a fast, reliable, intelligent and redundant network at no cost to the property.


Our wireless network provides residential users with a superior Internet experience and full mobility anywhere on the property.

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99.99% Uptime

Natural Wireless’ intelligent and redundant network is proven to offer superior reliability of 99.99% uptime which is guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Lower Latency

Our fiber speed broadband network was designed from the ground up to deliver faster connections and lower latency to our customers.

Scalable Bandwidth

Natural Wireless can increase the broadband speed for customers in minutes and dynamically allocate bandwidth for special events or projects.

Rapid Installation

Other carriers can take weeks to bring in a new circuit. Natural Wireless has our customers online within 5 business days.

Better Value

Customers directly benefit from faster, more reliable connections at lower costs and 99.99% uptime.

Best Performance VoIP

Natural Wireless’ low-latency, highly reliable network guarantees your VoIP services will always have the best voice quality.

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Customers directly benefit from faster connections and lower latency at more attractive costs.

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The demand for business internet in New York City is rising exponentially as a growing amount of businesses are incorporating cloud-based productivity and communications programs. Unfortunately, access to high-speed business fiber speed internet via traditional ISPs is limited because of the cost of wired infrastructure and permit fees. Because of this, a large number of businesses are currently choosing commercial broadband from Natural Wireless not merely because we offer fiber speed Internet connections, but in addition because of the fact our symmetrical broadband Internet provides a better quality connection and it is more reliable than wired connections. A larger amount of security is ensured by our microwave business internet in NYC than cable networks.

Business Internet New York City

The fact that we’re a leading business internet service provider in New York City means we’re used to receiving calls from business owners regarding what we’re able to provide as far as your internet. The fact that we are able to provide access to a fiber speed Internet connection quickly is one of the very first things we mention. Conventional wired commercial broadband services are capable of taking months, but we are able to provide access in a matter of days. The symmetrical broadband internet we provide utilizes low impact infrastructure, which is the reason services are able to be deployed so quickly. Instead of running underground fiber optic cables, fixed point to point Internet networks just need the installation of antennas on the roof of the building and running Cat 5/6 coaxial cables or narrow hollow tubes called wave guides to bring the connection to your office. In the event that you are a property owner and are looking to provide fiber speed internet to your business tenants, contact Natural Wireless, a leading provider of commercial broadband in New York NY.

Commercial Internet Service Staten Island NY

Business owners in many cases are pleasantly surprised to find how cost-effective business internet in Manhattan can be. While it can cost an Internet Service Provider as much as $50,000 to upgrade their commercial broadband infrastructure to provide fiber speed Internet services, a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) has just a fraction of that cost. One of the benefits of Commercial microwave Internet service is that in addition to it being more cost effective than wired Internet services, additionally, it offers a symmetrical broadband Internet connection. This is an advantage as the data will move at exactly the same speed regardless of whether you’re downloading or uploading. Latency and lag issues are virtually nonexistent as a result of this balance, and online collaboration tools and VoIP telecommunication programs are going to see a marked improvement. Also, dedicated wireless point to point Internet networks supply robust encryption along with additional security measures to guarantee a greater level of security for your data than what wired commercial broadband carriers are able to supply. This security, together with the dependability offered by our commercial internet service in New York City, has made fixed wireless point to point Internet connections a fundamental element of a lot of company’s IT business continuity strategy to supply both diversity and redundancy.

Commercial Broadband New York NY

It is absolutely crucial to rely on the right company for fiber speed business internet in NYC when you’d like to maximize your productivity. As it pertains to your business, your team’s productivity is extremely important. Time is money, which is something every business owner knows all too well. It’s capable of meaning longer hours, overtime, and even in some cases lost clients when your team is not working efficiently. Hiring more workers may even be needed. When you are serious about boosting productivity, ensuring you make the right choices for your business internet is one of the best things you are able to do. More time is capable of being spent getting other tasks done if your team doesn’t have to wait for files to add or pages to load. Over the span of a business day everything adds up, and when your internet connection is dependable and fast it means a great deal less for you to worry about. The needs of local NYC business owners is something we’re well-aware of at Natural Wireless. This is why our fiber speed microwave network is a top choice in the local area. The dependability of our network means less downtime, helping to make microwave business internet in Manhattan from Natural Wireless one of the wisest investments you can make.

Temporary Internet Service For Exhibits Staten Island NY

We’ve got your requirements covered at Natural Wireless if you’re in need of temporary business internet. We offer business internet that’s capable of being set up temporarily. There is a wide range of applications where this is perfect. Are you hosting a special business event or a convention? Fast and reliable internet for your guests and business applications is important. Porsche, Sony, are several examples of companies that have picked Natural Wireless when they’ve required the absolute best internet for their event. Our microwave network is not like traditional cable, meaning set up is easy and capable of being performed quickly. This makes us the perfect choice for the job. We can make sure you find what you’re trying to find as well as for a price which will be within your budget thanks to our flexibility. Your entire event can suffer if the internet crashes, which is the reason why internet that isn’t merely fast, but is reliable is vital if you’re hosting a special event. Natural Wireless is a natural option for this reason as well. Such a large number of local business owners and event organizers count on our services time and time again look to Natural Wireless for our services time and time again for this reason. When you’re in need of internet for a construction site on a temporary basis, we’ve additionally got you covered, because you may require short term internet service but may not be certain for how long. The pros at Natural Wireless are here to ensure that your needs are fulfilled if you require temporary business internet.

Business Internet Service Provider NYC

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