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High-Bandwidth Dedicated Internet Access for Business

Faster Speed, Better Performance and Price


or over a decade, Natural Wireless has been providing fast and reliable high speed Internet access to businesses and enterprise customers, residential complexes, hotels, medical centers, commercial buildings, construction sites, and all businesses searching for an alternative to archaic copper and cable infrastructure. Since Natural Wireless owns and operates its network, customers are assured a highly reliable connection with outstanding performance and uptime.

Standard Features Include:

  • Symmetrical burstable broadband from 10 / 10 Mbps to 10 / 10 Gbps
  • Ultra-Low Latency Guaranteed
  • Static IP Addresses Standard
  • 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Flexible levels of service daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly
  • Installed, tested, and online within five (5) business days

See How We Compare to Fiber:

High-Speed Internet Service Provider in NYC | Natural Wireless



Highest Reliability

Dual Connections (Active-Active)

Limited Reliability

Single Connection to the Building

Affected by Underground Events

Not affected

Service affected by flooding / fiber cut


Point-to-Point - Best Performance

Lowest Latency

Multiple Switches

Higher Latency

Installation Time

Activation within 5 days


*Latency is how long it takes data to travel between its source and destination, measured in milliseconds.

Guaranteed Reliability

Natural Wireless built their network from the ground up, and is able to re-route traffic if necessary – reaching your location from multiple network centers to always keep you connected.

Increased Efficiency

We offer the greatest value in business Internet:
• Fast Installation
• Symmetrical download and upload connection
• Speeds up to 1Gbps available

Superior Support

The basis for our service is highly reliable Internet connectivity managed and monitored by our local support teams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so you are never alone.

99.99% Uptime

Natural Wireless’ intelligent and redundant network is proven to offer superior reliability of 99.99% uptime which is guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Lower Latency

Our fiber speed broadband network was designed from the ground up to deliver faster connections and lower latency to our customers.

Scalable Bandwidth

Natural Wireless can increase the broadband speed for customers in minutes and dynamically allocate bandwidth for special events or projects.

Rapid Installation

Other carriers can take weeks to bring in a new circuit. Natural Wireless has our customers online within 5 business days.

Better Value

Customers directly benefit from faster, more reliable connections at lower costs and 99.99% uptime.

Best Performance VoIP

Natural Wireless’ low-latency, highly reliable network guarantees your VoIP services will always have the best voice quality.

Business Broadband Services

Natural Wireless offers a variety of business-class broadband speed categories that are designed to match each customer’s requirements and specifications. All broadband plans are business class connections with Service Level Agreement (SLA), 99.99% uptime, very low Latency, and your Bandwidth is guaranteed.

Thousands of businesses trust Natural Wireless with their Internet services.

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Customers directly benefit from faster connections and lower latency at more attractive costs.

If you need high-quality business internet in NYC, Natural Wireless is here to meet your needs. Having fast and reliable internet is necessary in order to make sure your business is running efficiently. Copper and cable connections are a thing of the past. Our microwave network offers the efficiency, speed, and reliability you need. Find out why more and more business owners are turning to Natural Wireless when they need high-speed business internet in NYC.

Business Internet In NYC

At Natural Wireless, we’re here to get your business internet in NYC up and running in practically no time. It only takes days to have your wireless internet set up for your business. With other carriers it can take weeks. Are you moving your business into a new space, or just tired of putting up with a slow connection that keeps letting you down? Give us a call and let us help!

First Class Support

When you make Natural Wireless your provider of business internet in NYC, you not only benefit from our amazing technology, but you benefit from our first class support as well. If your internet is slow or cuts out, our experts are standing by to provide the help you need. 24/7 support is available so you can conduct your business with the peace of mind you need. Not only is our bandwidth scalable, but speed can be increased for customers within minutes should it be required. For high-speed business internet in New York NY that won’t let you down, don’t hesitate to call Natural Wireless.

Top Business Internet Provider In New York City

When it comes to your business internet in NYC, reliability is absolutely crucial. This is why microwave business internet from Natural Wireless is in your best interest. 99.99% uptime is guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). We’ve designed our network from the ground up to ensure the very best when it comes to fast connections and low latency. We offer speeds of up to 1Gbps, ensuring you and your team won’t be slowed down by your internet connection. Network redundancy ensures that any disruption is kept to a minimum

Quality Commercial Internet In NYC

For reliable fiber speed business internet in NYC, make sure Natural Wireless is your first choice.

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