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We Specialize in Providing Temporary Internet Connections for Any Event


or over a decade, Natural Wireless has been providing Internet connectivity for some of the biggest events in NYC for companies such as Amazon, Sony, Google, Skype, Porsche, and the NFL just to name a few. We work with venue owners, event planners and businesses of any size to provide a memorable end-user experience.

Natural Wireless’ unique Internet service is the ideal solution for your short-term connection requirements. With our fast installation process and wireless infrastructure, we’re able to provide you with guaranteed bandwidth for hours, days, weeks or even months, depending on your needs.

Our temporary Internet access is ideal for:

  • Special Events
  • Event Venues
  • Hotels & Convention Centers
  • Construction Sites
  • Any event requiring short term internet service

Fast Installation

Other carriers can take days to bring in a new circuit. Natural Wireless has our customers online within hours for events.

More Reliable

Since Natural Wireless owns and operates its network, customers are assured a more reliable connection to the Internet.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Natural Wireless can dynamically allocate bandwidth for special events or projects in minutes.

Burstable Speed

Natural Wireless can increase the broadband speed for special events in minutes.

Lower Latency

Our high speed broadband network was designed from the ground up to deliver faster connections and lower latency.

24/7 Technical Support

24/7 network monitoring and dedicated technical support is available – so you are never alone.

A Few of Our Past Events

Why Choose Natural Wireless for Your Next Event?

Just ask Skype and Toshiba how in three hours Natural Wireless brought a High-Bandwidth, Ultra-low Latency Dedicated Internet Circuit for their event. Or ask Sony how the launch of the flagship PlayStation 4 went off without a hitch due to the 200/200Mbps circuit guaranteed.

Thousands of customers trust Natural Wireless with their Internet services.

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Customers directly benefit from faster connections and lower latency at more attractive costs.

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