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Enhance Your Property at $0 Installation Costs

Give Your Tenants the Best Internet Access Available


enants today are looking for properties with faster and more reliable Internet access. Bringing Natural Wireless services into your building helps increase property value and tenant satisfaction while allowing property owners to collect higher revenue.

Wherever you have a new development or existing property, we offer complete high-speed Internet coverage at no cost to the property.

There are numerous benefits to using Natural Wireless for your tenants Internet connection:

  • Increase in Amenities Offered
  • Faster Internet Speeds (Up to 1Gbps)
  • More Reliable than Cable, DSL or FIOS
  • Fast Connection for both Sending & Receiving Speeds
  • NO Installation Cost

NO/ZERO Installation Costs

Natural Wireless provides a complete wireless Internet network available throughout your property with no installation fee.

Enhanced Amenity

Reliable and ultra-fast high speed Internet access is in great demand by tenants, visitors, and owners so it will enhance your property.

24/7 Technical Support

Superior toll-free technical support is available to help your tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so they are never alone.

Faster Internet

Natural Wireless delivers high speed Internet up to 1Gb – Much faster connection than Cable, DSL and FIOS!

More Reliable

Natural Wireless owns and operates its network so tenants are assured a more reliable connection to the Internet than Cable, DSL or FIOS.

Option for Broadband

Tenants can still connect to Cable or DSL, if they wish, but now they also have a faster and less expensive alternative.

Broadband Telephony

Broadband telephony becomes very reliable and tenants can save money on telephone calls while having the best voice quality.

Upgrade to Class A Telecommunication Services

At no cost to the property, Natural Wireless allows property owners/managers to upgrade their telecommunication services in the property to the level typically available only in Class A buildings.

Thousands of customers trust Natural Wireless with their Internet services.

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Customers directly benefit from faster connections and lower latency at more attractive costs.

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Learn how Natural Wireless is connecting tens of thousands of people with faster, more reliable Internet.

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