A different kind of Internet Service Provider

Natural Wireless delivers high-speed dedicated Internet access via its own intelligent and redundant
network for those seeking an alternative to archaic copper and cable infrastructure.

Natural Wireless delivers high speed dedicated Internet access and Voice (VoIP) services to businesses and enterprise customers.

Natural Wireless offers a wide variety of customized event services, including a full suite of temporary Internet connectivity packages.

Enhance your commercial buildings with a fast, reliable, intelligent and redundant network at no cost to the property.

Our wireless network provides residential users with a superior Internet experience and full mobility anywhere on the property.

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Customers directly benefit from faster connections and lower latency at more attractive costs.

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Guaranteed Reliability

Our network is built to re-route traffic if necessary – reaching your location from multiple network centers and always keeping you connected.

Faster Internet Speed

Natural Wireless offers symmetrical broadband with speeds up to 1Gbps so you can upload files, videos and images much quicker.

Superior Support

The basis for our service is highly reliable Internet connectivity managed and monitored by our support teams 24/7 – so you are never alone.

What could a faster Internet connection mean for your business?

When you need business internet in Manhattan NY or the rest of NYC that’s both fast and reliable, there’s no one else you need call but Natural Wireless. With symmetrical broadband and speeds up to 1Gbps, the power is in your hands when you switch to our microwave business internet.  With guaranteed reliability backed by superior, 24-7 customer support, you can depend on quick connectivity whenever you need it.  So what could you do in your business with faster Internet?

  • Upload files at lightning speed
  • Send videos and images faster and more reliably
  • Connect the team over seamless video or voice chat
  • Count on better productivity in the workplace without Internet downtime
  • Save money with our business-friendly pricing

These are just a few of the ways the Natural Wireless can partner with your business for outstanding, concrete results.

Reliable Business Internet In NYC

Shopping for a business Internet service provider can be a difficult and complex process.  With multiple options to choose from, how can you really know that you’re picking the best business Internet service?

Natural Wireless understands the challenges and complexities of searching for business Internet in New York City, and we’re always happy to help.  While other business Internet service providers may claim to be the best in the business, Natural Wireless is different from the rest in many key ways:

Dedicated Internet Access and Voice (VoIP)

Natural Wireless uses its own intelligent and redundant high-speed Internet infrastructure.  For those seeking an alternative to the standard, archaic copper and cable infrastructure that is at the heart of all Internet frustration, our dedicated network is the solution.


Our redundant network design ensures that our customers get better Internet performance, guaranteed.  With our fiber speed Internet providing significantly lower latency, information can travel from its source to its destination—you—faster than with the other major providers.

Reliability Guaranteed

The Natural Wireless network can re-route traffic so that information can reach your location from multiple network centers.  This intelligent and redundant system ensures that you and your business always stay connected.

The Natural Wireless Team

Choosing a provider for business Internet in Manhattan NY or the rest of NYC means taking more things into consideration than just the sheer performance of an Internet service.  Here at Natural Wireless, we know that customers value excellent service, in addition to a superior product—and that’s just what we provide.  With Natural Wireless, not only will you receive superior access to the Internet, at the fastest speeds and with the best reliability, but you also have access to our skilled support team and the benefits they provide.

24/7 Support

With 24/7 access to our knowledgeable support team, who can quickly assess any service issue, you’re never alone.

Fast Installation

While other providers can take weeks to install fiber speed Internet, Natural Wireless will have you up and running within just five business days.

The Natural Choice For Business Internet In Manhattan NY

Many businesses have already made the switch to Natural Wireless and experienced amazing results.  If your business is ready to say goodbye to archaic copper and cable infrastructure and get the best in fiber speed Internet or business microwave Internet, the choice is natural—Natural Wireless.

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